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The Second Anniversary of Val’s Death

Valerie Kovacs Wolski1969 - 2011

Valerie Kovacs Wolski
1969 – 2011

As we mark the second anniversary of her death, Valerie has been in the news again the past week.

First came the report from Occupational Health and Safety’s investigation into Val’s death and its finding that no government agency would be held accountable for her death. This was obviously a great disappointment. There will still be an inquiry, but an inquiry cannot assign blame.

A few days later, Val’s husband Craig and her mother Elizabeth initiated two lawsuits against the Alberta government and the Department of Persons with Developmental Disabilities. (To learn more about the lawsuits and to see the full text of Craig’s statement of claim, click on the NEWS tab above).

A silver lining in the midst of this gloomy news was learning that the 2013 Valerie Wolski Memorial Award will be given to Julie Sawchuk of Camrose, who is a fourth-year Augustana student.  We’ll post an update about this in a couple of weeks, after Augustana’s annual scholarship banquet. (To learn more about this award, click the  SCHOLARSHIP tab above.)


Creating a Legacy

Valerie Kovacs Wolski
1969 - 2011

It’s still overwhelming, even a year after her death, to realize what an effect Val had on a wide range of people–from her family (who feel her absence every moment of every day) to former clients (whose lives she changed) t0 strangers (who never met Val but were moved by the story of her death).

There is some small comfort in knowing that through the  Valerie Wolski Memorial Award, Val’s legacy will live on in Camrose, the place she called home, and at Augustana, the university where she impressed many professors, made several lifelong friends, and met her future husband.

We, Val’s old college classmates, are getting close to reaching our goal of providing an ongoing $1250/year annual scholarship at Augustana in Val’s name. We still need to raise another $2200 to reach this goal, and we need your help.

If you would like to take part in creating a legacy in Val’s name, but have not yet done so, now is your chance! By making a tax-deductible donation to Augustana, you can help us reach our goal.

There are two ways you can help. One is by making a one-time donation of any amount.

The second option is to make a three- or five-year pledge to make an annual donation. This is a good option if you want a smaller donation to have maximum impact. Even $20 or $40 per year over three or five years can make a difference in the life of a university student.

To learn more about donating, click the “Memorial Scholarship” tab above, or click here to donate online now.

Thank you. We are grateful for your help.

–Pam Chamberlain and Denise Hawkins